CHS honors McPherson basketball legacy

Basketball court in McPherson, Kansas with CHS logo

Sep 12, 2019

The connection between basketball and Kansas runs deep. Basketball was invented by Kansas native James Naismith and, in 1936, six members of the McPherson (Kan.) Globe Refiners basketball team were part of the United States Olympic basketball team and won the sport’s first Olympic gold medal.

Created in 1933, Globe Oil & Refining Company (acquired by the predecessor company to CHS in 1943) in McPherson, Kan., started a basketball team to market the growing retail gasoline business. By 1935, the McPherson Globe Refiners played a national schedule, including a game at Madison Square Garden in New York City. 

The Globe Refiners played at what is now the McPherson Community Building, which is undergoing renovations. In June 2019, the CHS Refinery at McPherson donated $116,800 for a new wood gymnasium floor. The new basketball court will be called CHS Court. 

“We’re excited to honor the Globe Refiners team in this way,” says Ken Sims, vice president of refining at McPherson. “This gift helps future generations fall in love with the sport, just like our refinery employees did in the 1930s.” 

“The city of McPherson is pleased CHS will be a legacy partner with this historic project,” McPherson Mayor Thomas Brown told Mid Kansas Online. “The local refinery has been instrumental in our community’s success for many years.”